My School of Language (MYSOL) is one of the most innovative language schools in Japan. The school grew out of an idea that “Practice Makes Perfect” and proficiency in both delivery and use of language are equally important in a global communication set. The school encompasses a wide range of programs such as English classes, speaking proficiency rating and improvement, standardized tests preparation, a variety of trips, excursions, sports and social activities. We also provide teaching training programs with our sophisticated software designed for non-native speakers, as well as foreign language programs, such as French and Chinese.

MYSOL’s unique interactive teaching model gives students and teachers tools to improve fluency and confidence in communication. Our team of researchers and innovators continues to research and study new and exciting ways to help students and teachers improve.

MYSOL remains faithful to its original principles which are; to provide strong continuous learning environment, to advance international education, and to engineer the future for you.


My School of Language’s fundamental tenet is to help people to communicate efficiently across borders and cultures. To us language, as a tool for communication, is not only for mechanically translating words across languages, but it is rather to interpret our conceptions of the world around us and life experiences in different cultures. Hence, our determination to build bridges between communities to set a global communication scheme where technologies play a huge role in toning relations.

At MYSOL, we consider learning as a collaboration between the trainer and the learner; therefore we are very sensitive to different learning styles that suit each student.

Our programs and training methods aren’t limited to the school, we follow you to your environment and motivate you to practice English continuously. Our students share their immediate experiences with our trainers who in return follow up with advice and guidance.

We believe that quality language education should be practical and affordable for every learner. To concretize our approach, we continuously educate ourselves in the latest and most effective teaching models, while working hard to create new materials to save learners time and money.


Personalized learning is an emerging trend which seeks to support student-centered, teaching and learning. At MYSOL, we believe that overall student achievement is likely to increase when students are able to learn at their own pace with a variety of teaching styles and formats available to them.

Our personalized students’ education plan enables them to access a unique learning experience based upon their individual needs, rather than receiving instruction through a standard, paced curriculum. We particularly emphasize the needs of students are put first and students are able to direct “how, what, when, and where” they learn.