General English

Our General English Program is designed for students of all levels of English who desire to develop communication skills and incorporate the culture behind the language.

The General English Program is excellent if you want to improve your English fluency and understand the mechanism of the language. You will focus on practicing intonation, pronunciation, grammar in context, sentence structure, listening, vocabulary, reading, and writing.

This program offers learners a guided path toward English proficiency, and provides support in the improvement of core English speaking and communication skills.

Focus programs

English Academic Purposes

The English for Academic Purposes program is designed to help graduates and undergraduates acquire remarkable academic skills. The program prepares and enables students to take on academic challenges, and develop critical thinking, persuasive writing, public presentation skills etc.

Focus On Speaking Fluency

This program is a personalized speaking correction practice to help you be more fluent in English. It provides pronunciation and fluency skills using a unique and sophisticated proficiency system with algorithms. Our computer-based speaking proficiency trains you to build speech patterns very close to a native speaker. You will improve your fluency and proficiency through a personalized diagnosis of your speaking hiatus.

Focus On Writing

The English Writing program helps you develop, improve and maximize your standard of writing in English for work, study and everyday use. This program covers both theoretical and practical aspects of writing. The learners study the basic principles of writing, and characteristics and needs related to writing skills. Our writing program approach involves participatory learning, where learners engage in the learning and teaching process.

Focus On Listening

This program aims to develop teachers and learners active listening skills. We believe that listening can be learned, listening is not passive, and listening is a two-way communication. The listening program trains teachers and learners to switch from the process of identification to the process of understanding, and from decontextualized memorization of definitions to developing language competence. They learn how to identify and decode a piece of information. We provide meaningful listening activities using authentic learning materials such as news media, situational conversations, and printed information.

Focus On Reading Fluency and Comprehension

Our reading program gives learners and teachers cognitive techniques to make sense of a text. Our learners require a personalized repertoire of reading skills, therefore our reading teaching approach focuses on ways to comprehend an English text, develop extensive reading and comprehension skills, reading fluency, and vocabulary building. We make learners and teachers totally aware of the process and approach to developing reading skills. Students who join this program learn how to skim and quickly get the gist or overview of a passage or book.