Online Speaking Proficiency


Online Skype Sessions

MYSOL offers online tutoring via Skype. You can enjoy the comfort of your social and professional environments and benefit from our customized Skype lessons. You would be able to choose the time and content of the courses that cater to your needs and ambitions. Our Skype sessions are available throughout the day, including evening and weekends. The program covers all dimensions of communication through basic skills development, speaking, listening, writing, and listening. This service also allows you to have online mini-group sessions with other experts in your field of interests. You can invite your friends or partners, and we can also introduce you to people from various walks of life. Tune in MYSOL’s unique online sessions and improve your English very quickly.

At MYSOL, we consider learning as a collaboration between the trainer and the learner; therefore we are very sensitive to different learning styles that suit each student.

Our programs and training methods aren’t limited to the school, we follow you to your environment and motivate you to practice English continuously. Our students share their immediate experiences with our trainers who in return follow up with advice and guidance.

We believe that quality language education should be practical and affordable for every learner. To concretize our approach, we continuously educate ourselves in the latest and most effective teaching models, while working hard to create new materials to save learners time and money.

Online Proofreading and Copyediting

This course is designed for everyone, regardless of education, experience or background. If you are writing documents, sending messages, drafting a resume, assembling business plans, giving speeches, advertising, etc., learning how to copyedit and proofread is a must needed skill. Our online proofreading and copyediting training gives you flexibility and independence to practice different kinds of writing and learn the specifics to produce a perfect written communication. Let us help you start on the road to a brand new writing lifestyle.